Random catch-all postings today

Thanksgiving at the Higgins' house
This one is from Thanksgiving at the Higgins’ house. Dusting off some from as early as late July as well…

Some folks have asked about pressies for the kids—we’ve updated their wish lists on Amazon (button on the upper left of this page). If you shop local (where prices are often better than Amazon) let us know and we’ll take the item off the list.

Second Grade Feast

Second Grade Feast
Nora’s class celebrated the Fall Feast, in which kids learned about the first winter the Pilgrims spent in Plymouth and how the Wampanoag people helped them survive. Everyone dressed up and performed a small speaking part: Nora was a young, widowed mother who was thankful to have survived with her children.

We gathered at Roberts Park and it was a crisp but beautiful fall day.

Missed posts and wish lists

A few photo posts didn’t get send out with our last update; I realized after the fact that there’s a limit on the number of posts that can be included in an email — same as the limit on the homepage. You can check them out on the second page of the blog for the time being. Worthwhile seeing for more cute Halloween pics as well as Dad and Irene’s wedding.

For those asking about our Christmas wishes, Malcolm and Nora’s Amazon Wishlist link is located on the sidebar to the right. Better yet, bookmark the list, then go back there via the Amazon button at the bottom of the kids’ school’s homepage and your purchases will earn a kickback for their school that funds arts, library, computer and phys ed programs, as well as other essential stuff.

The sidebar link here goes to Malcolm’s wish list; once at Amazon, you can find Nora’s wish list in the left hand sidebar of that page.

The grown ups don’t really need anything, but with Deirdre’s work with AXIS Dance Company (she joined the board this summer), any donations to support their groundbreaking and inspiring work would really be appreciated. Here’s a photo gallery of their most recent piece, ODD, and a review of its San Francisco performances.

The photo is an outtake from our annual Thanksgiving day family photos for our holiday card. Enjoy the sneak preview.