Happy Halloween!

Last weekend there was a Halloween Tot Parade along Piedmont Avenue in Oakland; they shut down the street to traffic for about an hour and the kids walk from store to store collecting treats.

Nora enjoyed her first lollipop in front of our friend Gail’s shop.

Malcolm (cunningly disguised as a well-behaved three-year-old — spooky!) took in the view from Papa’s shoulders.

Catching up on Fall visits

Nana and Pop came for a wonderful visit (without their dog, Molly, much to Malcolm’s chagrin) in September…

“My broker’s E.F. Hutton…”

…and Baba took these great photos of the kids during her annual visit in early October.

It’s not an easy thing, capturing on camera Nora’s attempts to walk—the moments are fleeting, but triumphant!